Agriculture Irrigation System

Agriculture Irrigation System is the general term for all kinds of trenches or pipelines, such as water diversion, water delivery, water distribution, water storage, and water withdrawal, and corresponding buildings and facilities. An engineering system that draws water from water sources, delivers water through channels, pipelines, and ancillary buildings, and distributes water to farmland for irrigation. It can be divided into two types: channel irrigation system and pipeline irrigation system.
Channel irrigation system
It consists of irrigation head works, water delivery, water distribution projects and field irrigation projects.
1. The irrigation head works include reservoirs, pumping stations, dam diversion works, dam-free diversion works, water wells, etc., to draw irrigation water in a timely and appropriate amount.
2. Water supply and water distribution projects include channels and canal buildings. The task is to safely transport the water introduced into the head of the canal and distribute it reasonably to all parts of the irrigation area.
3. Field irrigation projects refer to temporary canals, water furrows and field irrigation ditch below the agricultural canal, paddy fields, temporary water diversion and water-reducing buildings, etc., to flood the farmland to meet the needs of normal crop growth or soil improvement.
Pipeline irrigation system
It is divided into sprinkler irrigation system, drip irrigation system and low-pressure pipeline water supply irrigation system. It is mainly composed of the first water intake and pressure facilities, the water distribution network and the irrigation water outlet. The pipeline irrigation system is usually divided into fixed according to its movable degree.
Three types, semi-fixed and mobile. Pipeline irrigation system has the advantages of saving irrigation water, reducing channel occupation, improving irrigation efficiency and irrigation quality. It has become the direction of technical transformation in water pumping irrigation area and well irrigation area.
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