Alternators are usually made up of components such as stators, rotors, end caps and bearings. The stator consists of a stator core, a wire winding, a base, and other structural components that secure these sections. The function of the stator is to generate alternating current. The rotor is composed of a rotor core (or magnetic pole, magnetic yoke) winding, a retaining ring, a center ring, a slip ring, a fan and a rotating shaft. The function of the rotor is to generate a magnetic field that is mounted inside the stator.
The principle of electromagnetic induction that induces a potential by cutting a magnetic line of a wire changes the mechanical energy of the prime mover into an electrical energy output. The synchronous generator consists of two parts, a stator and a rotor.
The stator is an armature that emits electric power, and the rotor is a magnetic pole. The stator is composed of an armature core, a three-phase winding uniformly discharged, a base and an end cover. The rotor is usually a hidden pole type consisting of a field winding, a core and a shaft, a guard ring, a center ring, and the like.
The field winding of the rotor is energized with a direct current, producing a magnetic field close to a sinusoidal distribution (referred to as the rotor field) whose effective field flux intersects the stationary armature winding. When the rotor rotates, the rotor magnetic field rotates with the same rotation and rotates once a week.
The magnetic lines sequentially cut each phase winding of the stator, and induce a three-phase alternating current potential in the three-phase stator winding. When the generator is operated with a symmetrical load, the three-phase armature current is combined to produce a rotating magnetic field of synchronous speed. The stator magnetic field interacts with the rotor magnetic field to generate braking torque. From the turbine/turbine/gas turbine, the input mechanical torque works against the braking torque.
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