A generator is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. It is driven by a water turbine, a steam turbine, a diesel engine, or other power machinery to convert the energy generated by water flow, gas flow, fuel combustion, or nuclear fission into mechanical energy that is transmitted to the generator. Converted by the generator into electrical energy. Generators have a wide range of uses in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, technology and daily life.
Type introduction
Different generators can be made due to the different energy patterns.
Hydro-generators can be used to make hydroelectric generators. Because of the difference in reservoir capacity and head drop, hydro-generators with different capacities and speeds can be made.
Using coal, oil and other resources, combined with boilers and turbine steam engines, it can be made into steam turbine generators, which are mostly high-speed motors (3000 rpm).
In addition, there are various types of generators that use wind energy, atomic energy, geothermal energy, and tides.
Besides, due to the different working principles of the generator, it is divided into a DC generator, an asynchronous generator and a synchronous generator. Large generators currently in widespread use are synchronous generators.
There are many forms of generators, but their working principles are based on the laws of electromagnetic induction and the law of electromagnetic force. Therefore, the general principle of its construction is to form magnetic circuits and circuits that are electromagnetically induced with each other with appropriate magnetic conductive and conductive materials to generate electromagnetic power for energy conversion purposes.
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