Considerations for purchasing Diesel Generator sets

- May 17, 2017 -

Firstly, whether domestic diesel generators or imported diesel generators should take into account the following main factors:

(1) The use of the unit. Because diesel generators can be used in the common, standby and emergency situations of 3 kinds. Therefore, the different use of diesel generator sets of requirements for a difference.

(2) Load capacity. Depending on the different uses of the load capacity and the range of changes to determine the diesel power group machine capacity and standby diesel generator capacity.

(3) The working Conditions of the unit (mainly referring to altitude and climatic conditions)

(4) Selection of diesel generators

(5) Selection of generator and excitation mode

(6) The choice of automatic function of diesel generators

Second, from the appearance of diesel generators can also determine whether a high-quality diesel generator set, Yangzhou 100-fat electromechanical tells you a few needs to observe the point:

(1) The boundary size, installation size and connection size of the diesel generator set conform to the product pattern approved by the prescribed procedure.

(2) The welding of the unit should be firmly, the weld should be evenly, without welding wear, bite side, slag and porosity and other defects, solder slag welding should be cleaned; Paint film should be evenly, no obvious cracks and peeling; the coating should be smooth, no leakage spots, rust and other phenomena; Unit fasteners should not loose. (3) The electrical installation of the diesel generator should conform to the schematic diagram, and the wires connecting the unit should be clearly marked.

(4) Diesel generators should be grounded in good terminals.

(5) The diesel generator signs are complete.

Thirdly, the reliability check of automatic start-up power supply and automatic shutdown. (in which the success rate of self priming should not be less than 99%)

(1) After the automatic control or remote control of the start-up instructions, diesel power should be able to start automatically.

(2) When the unit automatically starts the 3rd failure, should issue the start failure signal; The program startup system should be able to automatically pass the startup instruction to another standby unit when the standby unit is set up.

(3) The time should not exceed 3min from the automatic startup instruction to load power supply

(4) The initial load should not be less than 50% calibration load after the automatic start-up of diesel generators is successful.

(5) After the automatic control or remote control of the shutdown instructions, the Unit should be able to automatically shut down; for standby units used with the mains grid, when the power grid resumes normal, the diesel generators should automatically switch or automatically shut down, the downtime of their mode should conform to the technical requirements of the product.

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