Engine Maintenance Considerations

- May 17, 2017 -

1 do not maintain the engine on schedule. Not only in the conventional maintenance period to carry out engine maintenance, driving through some particularly humid or dusty areas, the engine of the relevant parts to do some inspection and maintenance.

2 motor oil deterioration and poor oil filter. Oil do not add less, but also do not add more, not the more expensive brand synthetic oil is better, suitable for your car's oil is the best.

3 air filter plugging. According to the use of different conditions, to periodically clean the air filter, the method can be used with high-pressure air from the outside blowing, the filter in the dust blowing out.

4 inlet duct is dirty. If the vehicle often travels in the dust more, the air quality is inferior road area, should pay attention to clean the inlet airway, guarantees the air intake unimpeded.

5 The crankcase sludge is excessive. To reduce sludge production, the use of high-quality fuel is very necessary, so it is recommended that owners refueling when possible to the authentic gas station.

6 The fuel system is poorly maintained. To periodically remove the sediment of the tank, remove the sediment in the fuel filter, properly maintain the air filter, fuel tank and piping

7 rust and fouling in tanks. Rust and fouling are the most common problems in automotive engine tanks. Regular use of water tanks strong and efficient cleaning of the water tanks, remove the rust and scale, not only to ensure the engine normal work, engine maintenance attention and can prolong the overall life tank and engine.

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