Fuel improvement of diesel generator set can reduce pollution

- May 17, 2017 -

Combustion of diesel Generator set if not enough, it is easy to cause atmospheric pollution, serious time will endanger the safety of the operator, can improve fuel to reduce pollution by some means.
Fuel blending
The method of fuel water blending is injected into the trachea and emulsified diesel.
1, the intake of water spray
The main function of the intake manifold is endothermic and diluted fuel density. When a small amount of water enters the combustor and the atomization is good, the oil droplets are broken into smaller oil droplets due to the "micro-explosion" effect of steam, thus facilitating the formation and combustion of the mixture. In the combustion process due to the heat absorption of water can reduce the highest combustion temperature, such as water and oil mixing spray can reduce fuel density, so that the highest combustion temperature is further reduced, thus reducing NOx emission. It is necessary to note that the diesel generator set in winter water storage tanks to freeze, and demand that the load size automatically adjust the water spray.
2, emulsified diesel oil
In diesel oil, that is, emulsified diesel oil, because of its "emblem explosion" effect, so that its fuel atomization good, wells to stimulate the combustion chamber of Air to form a strong turbulent flow, fuel and air distribution more evenly, the resulting carbon smoke decreased. Water vapor reaction also reduces soot emission. In addition, emulsified diesel oil can reduce the maximum combustion temperature, thus reducing the amount of NOx production.

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