How to start the diesel engine correctly

- May 17, 2017 -

• Separating the diesel engine from the transmission device or placing the gearbox in an empty position.

• The parking magnet, electrical switches and mechanical control devices are in operation position.

• For the diesel engine with full speed governor, the throttle is positioned slightly above the idle speed position (approx. 700r/min), and the acceleration pedal should be stepped on the end and loosened before the start motor is engaged in the start of a cold car diesel engine with bipolar governor.

Note: In order to prevent the starting motor from damage, the meshing time of the starter motor must not exceed 30 seconds, and the starting time interval of two consecutive times is 2 minutes.

• The oil pressure gauge of the diesel engine must display readings within 15 seconds of start-up.

• The diesel engine should slowly increase the speed of cold start to ensure that the bearings are adequately lubricated and stabilize the oil pressure.

• The load operation can be progressively increased after the 1000r/min idling operation 3-5 minutes. It is strictly prohibited to accelerate the loading operation immediately after starting the diesel engine.

Note: The diesel engine idling operation time is not too long, otherwise it will damage the diesel engines. Because the idle running combustion chamber temperature is low, the fuel can not completely burn, and cause the knot carbon, plug the injector spray holes, stuck piston rings and gas doors. If the cooling water temperature is lower than 60 ° C, the fuel will also wash off the cylinder liner surface oil and diluted oil in the shell, so that all the movement parts will not be properly lubricated.

2. Low temperature starting

This series of diesel engines with air intake preheating auxiliary equipment for starting at low temperature, the device is composed of preheating plug, solenoid valve, inlet tubing, electronic controller, temperature sensor, indicator and other components. The device operates at less than 0 ° C in the internal cooling water temperature (controlled by an electronic controller).

• Insert the electrical key before starting and go from the off position to the on position, connect the preheating auxiliary circuit, at this time the indicator light (preheat plug warming);

• When the LEDs start flashing (about 50s), turn the electric key from the on position to the start position to start the diesel engine;

Note: If the LED starts flashing 30S does not start operation or start not successful, the electronic controller will automatically cut off the preheating loop, solenoid valve circuit and indicator circuit, enter the delay protection. If you want to start, you need to return the electrical keys to off position, stay 5 seconds later repeat the process.

• Other matters with regular start.

Note: Even if the starting liquid with the quantitative device is used to start the low temperature, the cylinder liner and piston ring wear can be aggravated.

Caution: The use of starter fluids is more forbidden in the proximity of the heater or the flame thrower. Don't inhale smoke. The use of excessive starter fluids will damage the diesel engine.

The use of volatile fuel oil in underground mines or tunnels shall not be used as auxiliary measures for cold start-up.

3 long time stops or the starting of the oil replacement

Every time the oil is replaced or the parking time is greater than 30 days starting diesel engine, the lubrication system must be filled with oil.

• Turn off the throttle or remove the parking electromagnet to connect the conductor (for the model with a parking electromagnet) to prevent the ignition from the diesel engine.

• Rotate the crankshaft with the starter motor until the pressure gauge is indicated.

• Turn on the throttle or connect the parking magnet wires.

• Start the diesel engine by pressing (regular start) or (low temperature start).

• Exhaust gases from the fuel system.

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