Malfunction analysis of diesel engine start-up difficulty and even unable to start

- May 17, 2017 -

1 Check the power supply
Possible causes mainly include: 1 the storage battery shortage, diesel engine running weak or low speed; 2 starting the suction iron switch skidding, carbon brush contact bad; 3 Contact line loose or eroded; 4 the wires are too long, too small, resulting in excessive resistance, resulting in voltage drop; 5 starter wiring is incorrect.

2 Check fuel supply
Possible reasons mainly include: 1 fuel tanks without oil or piping, oil pump not to fuel, there will be a small amount of oil pump out or foam-like diesel phenomenon; 2 The pump end pressure is too low, the amount of oil supply is little or no oil, the air is not discharged; 3. Fuel filter has water or blocked and air-drained, white smoke will appear; 4. Fuel injector malfunction, abrasion, diesel engine smoke exhaust; 5. The oil spray pump time is incorrect, may be plunger wrong use or gear wrong; 6. The grades of fuel oil do not conform to the requirements or the quality is impure, Since the ignition point is too high, the fuel is not completely burned when black smoke; 7 The stop handle is not reset.

3 consider the possibility of insufficient intake
The problem is mainly: 1 The intake is blocked, this is mainly empty filter dust accumulation or excessive moisture; 2 the inlet and exhaust valve clearance is too large or too small, the diesel engine will have abnormal sound; 3 The gas timing is incorrect, the loading or cutting after the displacement; 4 the exhaust is blocked and may be insufficient for the inlet compression force.

4 Consider whether the intake compression force is insufficient
The problem is mainly: 1 cylinder liner serious wear, loss of circle, piston ring knot carbon, glue too much, lose elastic or die; 2. Valve, seat ring sealing surface burn or serious wear.

5 consider whether ambient temperature is too low
The main manifestations are: 1 diesel oil wax, diesel icing; 2) oil viscosity is too high, 3 the ambient temperature is below-5 degrees Celsius, at this time can be used to improve the temperature of the corresponding measures, such as adding boiled water as cooling fluid, heating oil, flame combustion and so on.

6 Other reasons:
1 supporting the output machine with load starting; 2 supporting the diesel engine has a forward direction of axial force; 3 the auxiliary output machinery and the diesel engine crankshaft different shaft degrees ultra poor; 4 a certain cylinder enters a large amount of water or oil; 5 The crankshaft can not rotate, possibly for holding shafts, biting cylinders and other abnormal conditions.

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