What are the uses of diesel generating sets?

- May 17, 2017 -

The diesel generator is one of the power generation equipment, its principle is through the combustion of diesel engine, heat energy into mechanical energy, and then through the engine rotation drive generators to cut magnetic field, ultimately generating electricity. Its use is mainly in the following five respects:
First, self-powered power. Some electrical units do not have a network of electricity supply, such as the island away from the continent, remote pastoral areas, rural, desert Plateau barracks, workstations, radar stations, etc., need to configure their own power supply. The so-called self-powered power, is the spontaneous use of power supply, in the power generation is not too large, diesel generators often become the first choice of power supply.
Second, standby power supply. The main purpose is that some electrical units, although there is a relatively secure network of electricity supply, but in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failures or temporary power outages, can still be configured as emergency power generation use, the use of power supply units generally to the power supply requirements are relatively high, even 1 minutes of one seconds of power outages are not permitted, the power of the network must terminate the instantaneous power supply from the emergency standby to replace, otherwise will cause a large loss of the region. Such units include some traditional high-power supply units, such as hospitals, mines, power plant security, so that electric heating equipment factories, etc. In recent years, network power is especially a new growth point of standby power demand, such as telecom operators, banks, airports, command centers, databases, highways, high-grade hotel office buildings, senior restaurants, entertainment, etc., because of the use of networked management, these units are increasingly becoming the main body of standby power.
Third, alternative power supply. The role of alternative power supply is to compensate for the shortage of network electricity supply. This may have two situations, one is the high price of the net electricity, from the cost-saving angle of the choice of diesel generators as an alternative power supply; the other is the shortage of electricity in the network, the use of electricity is limited, the power supply department must be everywhere power rationing, when the electricity units in order to normal production and work, the need to substitute for relief. In recent years, China several diesel generator sets of products market hot prices, such as the 80 on the first half of the national best-selling, the 90 early 1990s South China hot sales, the 2003-2004 east of the eastern part of the hot sales, are due to nationwide and regional power shortages, to cope with large-scale blackouts, electricity units in succession to buy diesel generators for alternative power supply.
Fourth, mobile power supply. The mobile power supply is the power generation facility that is transferred everywhere without a fixed place of use. The diesel generator set is the first choice for mobile power because of its lightweight and flexible operation. Mobile power is generally designed as a power supply vehicle, with its own power supply vehicles, also have trailer power vehicles. The use of mobile power units, most of the nature of the flow of work, such as oilfield, geological prospecting, Field engineering exploration, Camping Picnic, mobile command post, trains, ships, cargo containers of the power supply (silo), military mobile weapons equipment power supply, also some mobile power supply has emergency power nature, such as the City power supply department emergency power supply car, water supply, Air Supply Department of the Project Rescue vehicles, repair vehicles and so on.
Fifth, fire power supply. Fire generator set is mainly for the building fire equipment and equipped with the power supply, once the fire, and so on, the electricity is cut off, generators constitute the power source of fire equipment, with the fire law of the Poles, domestic real estate fire power will have tremendous potential to develop a very large market.
It can be seen that the above four uses of diesel generating sets are due to the different stages of social development, in which the power supply and substitution power supply are due to the backwardness of power supply facilities or insufficient power supply. It is the focus of market demand in the early stage of socio-economic development, while standby power supply and mobile power supply is the demand of increasing power supply and increasing supply scope, which is the focus of market demand in advanced stage of socioeconomic development. If the market use of diesel generators is viewed from the perspective of social development, it can be said that as the power supply and replacement power supply is its transitional use, and as standby power supply and mobile power supply is its long-term use, especially the fire power supply as a huge potential market demand, will slowly release.
As a power generation equipment, diesel generator set has some unique advantages: ① relatively small volume, flexible and convenient, easy to move. ② easy to operate, easy to control. ③ the source of energy raw materials (fuel) is widely available, easy to get. ④ one-time investment is less. ⑤ start-up fast, can quickly power supply and quickly stop generating electricity. The power supply is stable, the quality of power supply can be improved by the technical line. A direct power supply can be made to a point to the load. By a variety of natural climate and geographical impact of small, can generate 24 x 7.
Because of these advantages, diesel generators are considered a better form of standby and emergency power supplies. At present, although there are many other means to resolve standby and emergency power, such as UPS and dual-circuit power supply, but not replace the role of diesel generators, in addition to price factors, mainly because of the diesel generator set as standby and emergency power supply, reliability than ups and dual-circuit power higher.

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