What is the reason why diesel generators do not generate electricity

- May 17, 2017 -

Sometimes small knitting to customer calls, they say that diesel generators do not generate electricity! Because just buy back soon, how could not power generation, small series consulting diesel Generator set manufacturers technology, analysis of some possible reasons:
(1) Diesel generators often lose residual magnetism after shutdown, because the exciter magnetic poles used in the material near the soft steel, residual magnetism is small, after the shutdown of the excitation winding no current when the magnetic field disappears.
(2) The magnetic pole of the generator loses magnetism.
(3) The excitation circuit element is damaged or the circuit is open, short-circuit or grounding phenomena.
(4) The exciter brush with the commutator or the brush rack pressure is insufficient.
(5) Excitation winding wiring error, polarity opposite.
(6) The generator brush and slip ring contact is bad, or the electric brush pressure is insufficient.
(7) Generator stator winding or rotor winding circuit breaker.
(8) The generator wiring is loose or the switch is bad.
(9) Fuse fuses
In fact, there is a very low probability of the cylinder or oil quality is too poor, if encountered these two reasons, can only say that bad luck, or operating diesel generators are not professional.

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