Air Cooled Diesel Engine Fully Use

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Air Cooled Diesel Engine fully use

Air-cooled diesel engine maintenance of three filters!

   To extend the life of air-cooled diesel engine, in the course of the use, we must strengthen the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter three filters maintenance, give full play to their role.

1 air filter maintenance

Air filter in the installation can not be missed, anti-loaded or wrong with the sealing gasket and rubber pipe, and to ensure the rigidity of the embedded.

Use the paper dust cup air filter, every 50-100 hours, to remove the dust 1 times, the soft brush can be used to brush the surface dust, if the working time of more than 500 hours or damaged, it should be replaced.

Use oil bath air filter, every 100-200 hours of work, the application of clean diesel cleaning filter, and replace the oil, if the filter has been broken, you need to immediately replace and pay attention to the use of oil in accordance with the provisions of the system.

2 oil filter maintenance

Oil filter in the use of air-cooled diesel engine if not timely maintenance, filter blockage, oil pressure increases, the safety valve to open, direct flow of lubricating oil into the main oil, will exacerbate the lubrication surface wear and tear, affecting the life of air-cooled diesel engine.

Therefore, the oil filter every 180-200 hours of work, it is necessary to clean 1 times, found damaged, should be replaced immediately to prevent impurities into the lubricating surface.

Air-cooled diesel engine for seasonal use, should also be cleaned crankcase and the lubrication of the surface, the method is to use oil, kerosene and diesel mixed after the washing oil, oil can be released after the addition of washing oil cleaning, and then, low-speed operation of air-cooled diesel engine 3-5 Minutes, and then put the washing oil, add new oil.

3 fuel filter maintenance

Fuel supply system in a variety of fuel filters, each work 100-200 hours, it should remove the debris 1, and the tank and the oil pipeline for a comprehensive cleaning. In the cleaning of filters and seals, should be particularly careful, found damaged, need to be replaced.

In the seasonal transition oil change, the entire fuel supply system should be the parts of the cleaning. The use of diesel oil, should meet the seasonal requirements, and subject to 48 hours of precipitation purification treatment. What are the factors that affect the compression ratio of air-cooled diesel engines for use and maintenance of diesel generators?

The impact of air-cooled diesel engine compression ratio of more factors, for the use and maintenance of those who are mainly the following:

(1) bearing, bushing gap increases

Diesel generator sets in use, due to the crankshaft spindle diameter and the main bearing, connecting rod shaft diameter and connecting rod, piston pin and connecting rod wear causes, so that their fit gap increases, the piston movement to the top dead , The piston link group moves down a distance, less than the original required position, resulting in smaller compression ratio.

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