Air Cooled Diesel Engine Oil Valve Technology

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Air Cooled Diesel Engine Oil valve technology

Air-cooled diesel engine maintenance problems easily overlooked, single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine

First, only replace the plunger, nozzle, ignoring the oil valve technical status. After the oil valve wear will make the high pressure tubing residual pressure is too high, resulting in oil spout off the oil is not simply and drip, resulting in air-cooled diesel exhaust smoke, knock cylinder, unstable operation. Method is to check the oil valve, with the range of 0-600 kg / square meter pressure gauge detection, the needle from 200 kg down to 180 kg / square centimeter, the holding time should be greater than 15 seconds, or should replace the oil valve; or High-pressure oil pipe mouth up, pump out the diesel, so that the oil surface and the pipe flush, put the throttle back to the supply position, fierce round wheel half a turn, high-pressure oil pipe mouth diesel does not suck for qualified, The

Second, only adjust the valve clearance, ignoring the valve timing. Most people only according to the provisions of the specification to adjust the valve clearance, but ignore the check valve phase is positive. In particular, the aging machine, due to changes in the geometry of the cam after wear, resulting in late valve early opening, will lead to lack of intake, exhaust is not net, fuel consumption increased, power down. Therefore, in the adjustment of the old air-cooled diesel engine valve clearance, should be due to the mechanism should be appropriate to reduce the valve clearance value to compensate for the gas phase error, to achieve valve timing. Such as S195 air-cooled diesel engine, valve clearance for each 0.1 mm reduction, with gas phase change 3 degrees. But the valve clearance can not be less than 0.2 mm, or by the expansion of the impact, will lead to valve closed lax. If the valve clearance is 0.2 mm, and the gas phase is still more than 5 degrees error, air-cooled diesel engine conditions significantly deteriorated, you should replace the camshaft.

Third, just look at the oil pan oil, ignoring the quality of oil. Many people only add to the engine oil, never check the quality of the oil, nor replacement. As a matter of fact, in the replacement of waste oil contains a lot of oxidizing substances and metal shavings, so that lubrication performance, exacerbate the wear and shorten the service life, it should always check the machine oil quality. The general method for the hand twist machine oil, if the feeling of mechanical impurities or viscosity is not enough, it should be replaced. Another way to check is to use the oil on the white paper, such as black and small, shallow yellow trace can continue to use; if black and large, no yellow around the trace, you should replace The

Four, only know the maintenance of air filter, ignore the air short circuit. Caused by air short circuit for many reasons, such as fixed in the tricycle frame of the air filter its intake pipe is not welded, the inlet pipe joints without gasket, into the hose into the hose loose without hoop, intake hose rupture is not It was found that the lack of aprons in the air filter, etc., which will cause air short circuit, so that the filter air into the cylinder, aggravate the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and other parts of the wear and tear.

Five, only cleaning the oil filter, ignoring the cleaning of the oil chamber. Most air-cooled diesel engine connecting rod journal was hollow, both ends of the oil block, known as the purification chamber. Lubricate the connecting rod bearing oil under the action of centrifugal force, its impurities attached to the cavity wall, thereby improving the quality of lubrication. General air-cooled diesel engine for every 500 hours to remove the oil block, should be cleared in accordance with the provisions of the purification of oil and oil in the oil impurities.

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