Air Cooled Diesel Engine Voltage Stability

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Air Cooled Diesel Engine Voltage stability

The main purpose of the control panel of the air-cooled diesel engine is to distribute the power output from the generator to the user load or the electrical equipment, and also to indicate the operation of the air-cooled diesel engine and to keep the generator voltage stable in the event of a load change. In the control panel panels are generally equipped with voltmeter, frequency table, ammeter, power meter, three-phase current switch, three-phase voltage switch, voltage setting knob and a variety of indicators and so on. For oil pressure gauge, oil temperature table, battery charge ammeter, water temperature table, start button and start the electric lock and other components, some according to the design requirements directly installed in the control panel, and some installed in the diesel engine dashboard. The components installed inside the control panel are mainly related to the excitation mode used by the generator and the automatic control of the air-cooled diesel engine. The internal structure of the control panel of air - cooled diesel engine.

Air-cooled diesel engine Simple control panel are generally installed inside the voltage regulator, silicon rectifier diodes, rheostats, automatic air switches and current transformers and other components, more complex control panel internal installation of overload and short circuit protection devices, electronic speed Devices, SCR, relays and a variety of insurance devices and small transformers and other electrical equipment. According to the air-cooled diesel engine air-cooled diesel generator sets of experts on the inlet pipeline should not have leaks, oil change and cleaning should be in the absence of dust and dusty place; blowing filter to use high pressure air, low humidity environment , The direction of blowing with the air into the filter in the opposite direction; installation, adjacent filter reeling direction should cross each other. If you do not meet the above indicators, indicating that the installation of disaggregated, should be re-assembled.

The The direction of the discharge port should be based on dust particles.

Main points of oil filter maintenance. Air filter maintenance points. In addition to the air filter in accordance with the use of imitation of the time and manipulation of the requirements of maintenance, but also note the following: tractors and agricultural transport aircraft on the engine, are equipped with air filters, oil filter And diesel filter, commonly known as "three filters." Maintenance Centrifugal fine filter to pay special attention to the installation after washing and washing: ① should not have blocking card phenomenon. Check the method is, when the rotor is installed, the hand rolling the rotor, put the rear rotor can turn freely after 2-3 laps, that is qualified; ② can also put the filter in the car, start the engine, in the Rated speed running a few minutes, when the oil temperature reaches 70 ℃ after the flame, then listen to the rotor outside the shell is still inherited rolling, up to 1.5 minutes or more, that is, the installation of qualified. The oil filter must be serviced according to the specified time and the following points: Centrifugal oil filter. "Three filters" work well, directly affect the engine design and service life. Leaf surface should not be painted to prevent oxidation of particles into the cylinder.

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