Analysis Of Water-saving Irrigation Methods And Advantages

- May 17, 2017 -

Water saving Irrigation Method
Scientific irrigation is the irrigation method which specializes in popularizing irrigation enterprises, including drip irrigation, micro spray, infiltration irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and other modern irrigation methods. According to the water requirement of the corresponding plant, the development stage, the climate, the soil conditions and so on the reasonable design, the appropriate irrigation system, timely, moderate, reasonable irrigation.
This kind of way can do local precise irrigation, in addition to supplement the soil moisture content to meet the needs of plant growth, but also fertilizer, pesticides dissolved in water, combined with fertilizer pump, such as modern fertilizer plant fight drugs operation. Soil salinization can also be avoided, and soils that have arisen salinization can be irrigated to improve the soil by using irrigation to irrigate soluble salts. In addition, the scientific irrigation method can also prevent fruit vegetable frost and prevent dry blast hazards, as well as to prevent soil erosion.
Advantages of water saving irrigation
Scientific irrigation can effectively keep water in the soil. Fertilizer, gas, heat and other phases of the good state, with the provincial water, provincial workers, energy saving, fertilizer, increasing and many other advantages, is gradually recognized and used by everyone, but due to the lack of funds and awareness, there is a lot of work needs industry peer efforts to do.
Since modern times, with the rapid increase of the population, the economic development, the prominent water supply and demand contradiction is also reflected in the worldwide irrigation undertakings. In addition, there are problems such as reducing the cost of construction and operation, improving irrigation efficiency, preventing salinization and marsh of irrigation land. The problem of severe soil salinization in Shouguang, Shandong Province, is found in the township of vegetable in China.
On the other hand, many water-saving irrigation projects exist in the present serious problems, but many countries have shifted the emphasis of irrigation development from the development of new irrigation districts to rebuilding old irrigation districts and strengthening irrigation management.
On the basis of absorbing modern scientific and technological achievements, irrigation technology will develop in the direction of saving energy, optimizing dispatching, modernized management and monitoring forecasting. In the northwest, north and northeast parts of China's severe water shortage, the implementation of water-saving irrigation and the establishment of water-saving agriculture has become a top priority. In the east and South China, such as the booming modern facilities agriculture, horticulture and garden construction, the same need to develop scientific irrigation methods.

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