Company To Participate In Agriculture Programe Of Republic Sierra Leone

- Aug 10, 2017 -

On Aug.05,2017,lead by general manager Peter,the team of africa agriculture programe started its journey to Freetown,capital of Republic Sierra Leone.They participated in bidding of Supply of Equipment for Inland and Valley Swamp Development sponsored by SMALL HOLDER COMMERCIALIZATION PROGRAMME-GLOBAL AGRICULTURE & FOOD SECURITY PROGRAMME(SCP-GAFSP) and MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE,FORESTRY & FOOD SECURITY.

The programme aims to help some poor african countries to increase their ability of  food production and security.This programme also lead by world bank.Our team visited Ministry of Agriculture and was warmed welcomed by the Minister.On Aug.07,2017,the team participated in the bidding.Genearl manager Peter was quite confident in winning the bidding because of exellent preparation and outstanding quality of products.

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