Diesel Generator Electromagnetic Induction

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Diesel Generator Electromagnetic induction

The generation of electric power of diesel generator sets is based on the same principle of electromagnetic power generation, thermal power generation, wind power generation and other power generation equipment.

A part of the conductor of the closed circuit cuts the magnetic flux in the magnetic field, and the current is generated in the conductor. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction phenomenon. The resulting current is called the induced current.

In diesel generators, diesel engines produce a certain amount of power by burning mixed air. The AC generator internal armature winding and excitation winding or permanent magnet, armature winding is the conductor, excitation winding or permanent magnet that is able to produce magnetic field. So the power of the diesel engine to drive the generator armature winding or excitation winding or permanent magnet rotation, the use of 'electromagnetic induction' principle, the generator will output the induced electromotive force, the closed load circuit can generate current.

Therefore, the principle of diesel generator is simply a diesel engine through the transmission of mechanical energy to the AC power generation, so that the generator closed circuit and the magnetic field within the generator to do the relative cutting magnetic field movement, and generate electricity.

Analysis of Small Firmware and Superiority of Diesel Generating Set

1. Rocker nuts. For the rocker arm nut, in the course of the use of maintenance should be regularly checked. If the nut of the rocker arm is loose, the valve clearance will be increased, the valve opening will be delayed, and the valve opening will be shortened. The diesel engine will be short of air supply, the exhaust gas will not be reduced, the power will be reduced and the fuel consumption will increase.

2. Fuel injector lock nut. When installing the injector, the lock nut should be tightened to the specified torque. At the same time, it is best to repeatedly tighten several times, do not tighten once. If the nozzle lock nut tightened too tight, will cause the lock nut deformation, but also easy to needle valve stuck; if too tight, will cause the injector oil spill, fuel injection pressure drop, bad atomization, Increased fuel consumption.

3. out of the valve tight seat. Install the fuel injection pump out of the valve seat, also according to the provisions of torque. If the oil valve tightened tightened too tight, will make the plunger sleeve deformation, the plunger in the sleeve in the block phenomenon, and cause the plunger even wear, sealing performance, power shortage; if the valve Tight seat too loose, will cause fuel injection pump oil, can not establish the oil, fuel time lag, fuel supply reduced, seriously affecting the engine performance. 4. Fuel injector platen nut. In the diesel engine cylinder head to install the fuel injector assembly, in addition to pay attention to remove the injector assembly installation of carbon deposits and other dirt, the injector assembly pressure plate is not installed, the thickness of the steel pad to be appropriate and can not leak outside , But also pay attention to the fuel tank assembly nuts tightening torque. If the tightening torque of the plate nut is too large, it will cause the injector valve body deformation, resulting in fuel nozzle stuck, the diesel engine can not work; if the tightening torque is too small, the injector will leak, resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure, diesel engine start difficult , High temperature gas will burst out burned nozzle.

In addition, the distribution of the pump vane rotor, the distribution of the pump housing on the high-pressure tubing fittings installed, but also the spring according to the specified torque.

Diesel generators increase the mechanical load and heat load after the corresponding increase in the parts must be with the strengthening. Many parameters also will change to improve the use of diesel generators performance and reduce emissions. The main superior performance changes are:

(1) the compression ratio is appropriately reduced. This is to prevent the maximum burst pressure after pressurization is too high to reduce the mechanical load and heat load.

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