Diesel Generator Engine Burning Diesel

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Diesel Generator Engine burning diesel

Diesel generator is a kind of power generation equipment, it works is the engine combustion diesel, heat energy into mechanical energy, driven by the generator rotation drive generator cutting magnetic field, and finally produce a diesel generator, The power, then its main use reflected in what aspects?

What are the uses of diesel generators?

First, bring their own power. Some electrical units do not have electricity supply, such as far from the mainland islands, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, desert plateau camps, workstations, radar stations, etc., need to configure their own power supply. The so-called self-powered, that is, spontaneous power supply, power generation is not too much in the case of diesel generators often become the preferred power supply.

Second, the backup power supply. The main purpose is that some of the electricity units have been relatively reliable and reliable power supply, but in order to prevent accidents, such as the emergence of circuit failure or temporary power failure and the like, can be configured as emergency power generation, the use of power units The general requirements for power supply protection is relatively high, even a minute of power outages are not allowed, must be in the network power to terminate the power supply with the emergency power generation to replace, otherwise it will cause large losses. In recent years, the network power supply has become a new growth point of standby power demand, such as telecom operators, banks, banks, power plants, power plants, power plants, power plants, , The airport, the command center, the database, the highway, the high grade hotel office, the senior dining and entertainment places, etc., because of the use of network management, these units are increasingly becoming the main use of standby power.

Third, replace the power supply. The role of alternative power supply is to make up for the shortage of electricity supply. This may be two cases, one is the price of electricity is too high, from the perspective of cost savings from the choice of diesel generators as an alternative power supply; the other is in the case of insufficient power supply, the use of electricity is limited, power supply departments have to be everywhere Power cuts, then, electricity units in order to normal production and work, you need to replace the power to be relief. China in recent years, several diesel generator products market hot market, such as the first half of the 80's national sales, the early 90s in southern China hot, 2003-2004, hot in East China, are due to national and Regional power shortage due to large-scale power cuts to cope with the power units have to buy diesel generators for alternative power use.

Fourth, mobile power. Mobile power is no fixed use of the location, and was transferred around the use of power generation facilities. Diesel generator set because of its light and flexible and easy to operate features, and become the first choice for mobile power. Mobile power is generally designed as a power vehicle in the form of a self-powered vehicle, as well as a trailer powered vehicle. The use of mobile power units, mostly with the nature of mobile work, such as oil fields, geological exploration, field engineering expedition, camping picnic, mobile command post, train, ship, freight container power compartment (warehouse), military mobile weapons Equipment, power supply, etc., there are some mobile power with the nature of emergency power, such as the city power supply sector emergency power supply, water supply, gas supply department of the project rescue vehicles, repair cars and so on.

Fifth, fire power.

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