Diesel Generator Outlet Voltage Standard

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Diesel Generator Outlet voltage standard

On the common generator diesel engine and the basic technical knowledge of the unit, as early as a few years ago we questioned the form of the popular release, should be part of the user asked to re-issued, because the technology has been updated and development, the following Content for reference only:

1, which six systems are included in the basic unit of the generator set? A: (1) oil lubrication system; (2) fuel system; (3) control and protection system; (4) cooling and cooling system; (5) exhaust system; (6)

2, why do we recommend that customers use the professional company recommended oil in the sales work? A: The oil is the blood of the engine, once the customer use the unqualified oil will lead to the engine bearing bruises, gear teeth, crankshaft deformation and other serious accidents, until the whole machine scrapped. Specific oil selection and use of attention to the relevant articles in this edition.

3, why the use of a new machine after a period of time need to replace the oil and oil filter? A: The new machine in the run-in period is bound to impurities into the oil pan, so that oil and oil filter material changes in physical or chemical quality change.

4, why do we ask customers to install the unit, the exhaust pipe to tilt down 5-10 degrees? A: mainly to prevent rain into the smoke pipe, leading to major accidents.

5, the general diesel engine are equipped with manual oil pump and exhaust bolts, its role is what? A: Used to remove air from the fuel tubing before launching.

6, how to divide the generator group automation level? A: manual, since the start, since the start plus automatic mains conversion cabinet, long distance three remote (remote control, telemetry, remote monitoring.)

7, why the generator outlet voltage standard is 400V instead of 380V? A: Because the line after the outlet voltage drop loss.

8, why the requirements of the use of generating units must be smooth air A: The output of the diesel engine is directly affected by the amount of air inhaled and the air quality, and the generator must have sufficient air to cool it. So the use of the site must be air smooth.

9, why the installation of oil filters, diesel filters, oil and water separator should not use the tools to spin the above three too tight, but only hand to do not leak to oil can be A: Because if the spin too tight, the ring by the bubble and the body under the effect of warming, will be thermal expansion, resulting in a lot of stress. Resulting in damage to the filter housing or separator shell itself. More serious is the damage caused by the body of the body so that can not be repaired.

10, how to identify fake and shoddy domestic diesel engine? A: first check whether the factory certificate and product certification, they are the diesel engine factory "proof of identity" is necessary. And then check the certificate on the three numbers 1) nameplate number;

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