Diesel Generator Start Condition

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Diesel Generator Start condition

Diesel generator self - starting condition

After the automatic start command is issued for 5 seconds, the diesel generator receives the signal after the diesel generator, the output switch, the unit meets the load conditions automatically close the security firewood into the line switch; restore the power supply by the operator in the DCS screen Manual operation to complete the sub-Chai into the line switch, security work (standby) power into the line switch, disconnect the diesel generator outlet switch, and then delay the cooling stop diesel generator.

1) diesel generator without trouble;

2) interlock switch input;

3) security work power switch jump;

4) security backup power switch jump;

5) security firewood into the line switch jump;

6) security PC segment bus voltage is low (U ≤ 70% UAC);

7) Security PC segment bus PT no fault (security section PT primary side of the isolation switch auxiliary open contact). Tell you how to solve the problem of diesel generator idling

Diesel generators in the idle state is not good, in this state of operation, the generator is in a no load, then how should we solve this problem?

The generator has a long time in the idle state, the unit's fuel spray atomization quality will be reduced, the quality of the atomization and fuel injection pressure, fuel injector aperture and camshaft speed are related. Camshaft speed slows down, atomization quality will be worse; long idle, fuel combustion can not be complete, it will cause carbon deposition, the phenomenon of congestion.

Diesel generator set coolant temperature is too low, the fuel can not be completely burned, unburned fuel will affect the oil, oil changes, then the unit's lubrication effect of the parts to accelerate the degree of wear parts.

When operating the generator, be sure to avoid the diesel generator in the idle state, reasonable operation, it will not cause damage to the generator in order to extend its service life.

Diesel generator sets five purposes, you know?

Diesel generators in recent years in various fields of society have been widely used, its use mainly in the following five areas:

First, bring their own power. Some of the electricity units do not have electricity supply, such as away from the mainland islands, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, desert plateau barracks, workstations, radar stations, you need to configure their own power supply. The so-called self-powered, that is, spontaneous power supply, power generation is not too much in the case of diesel generators often become the first choice for self-powered.

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