Diesel Generator Use The Process

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Diesel Generator Use the process

Diesel generator operation guide and maintenance, generator manufacturers with everyone analysis:

The diesel generator operator must take care of the generator set during the use of the generator. The following is the need for operators to abide by some rules, so that diesel generators can provide you with the best service. The operator is required to operate the following regulations, especially during the initial 100 working hours, so that the diesel generator can achieve the longest service life.

Operation of diesel generators:

1. Allow the generator unit to work for 75% of the load as long as possible.

2. To prevent the generator unit for a long time idle operation or maximum power work beyond 5 minutes.

3. Develop the intimate gaze of the generator set, if the oil temperature reaches 121oC or the coolant temperature exceeds 88oC should immediately reduce the load.

4. Check the oil level every 10 hours during the run-in period.

5. Generator fuel must be used in line with national standards (GB252) performance of the domestic "0" or "-10" light diesel.

6. Oil should be used to refer to the oil (15W / 40CD, CE, CF, CH, etc.).

7. After the start should be idle or do not exceed 1000r / min under the conditions of the hot car until the main oil machine oil pressure stability.

8. Start, if not for 30 seconds in a row fire. Wait two minutes before starting.

9. After the start of the request for idle 3-5 minutes: diesel engine starts, between the crankshaft and bearing, between the piston and cylinder liner to re-establish the oil film for a period of time, the most suitable gap between moving parts as long as the generator temperature To reach a certain time to work properly, so at the beginning of the start can not rush to pull high power, high torque or high speed to prevent the piston biting in the cylinder or bearing dry friction.

10. Please stop unloading before unloading for 1-2 minutes and ask for an idle 3-5 minutes, mainly to allow the oil to take off the room, bearings and oil seals and other heat; especially the supercharger, if the sudden stop , Bearing and oil seal the possibility of death is great.

11. Unit operation found that there is any abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop the generator to stop maintenance. Such as: oil pressure suddenly landed, the sound is not normal and so on.

12. For standby generators, start the generator at least once a month (half an hour or so).

13. Each time you start the generator, you must check the diesel generator oil level, cooling water level and so on.

14. The battery of the standby generator should be charged periodically while checking the battery level.

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