Diesel Generator Working Principle Control

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Diesel Generator Working principle control

The Condition and Working Principle Control of Diesel Generator Parallel

one. What are the conditions for the parallel operation of generators? The whole process of putting the generator set into parallel operation is called side by side. Will be a generator set to run up first, the voltage sent to the bus, and another generator set after the start, and the previous generator set side by side, should be closed at the moment, the generator should not be harmful impact current, shaft Not subject to a sudden impact. After closing, the rotor should be quickly pulled into sync. (Ie, the rotor speed is equal to the rated speed) Therefore, the generator set must have the following conditions: 1. Generator voltage and the waveform must be the same value. 2. Two generator voltage phase is the same. 3. Two sets of generating units of the same frequency. 4. The phase sequence of the two generating units is consistent.

two. What is the quasi-synchronous method of generating generators? How do you do the same time? Quasi-period is the exact period. With the quasi-synchronous method for parallel operation, the generator voltage must be the same, the same frequency and phase consistent, which can be installed in the same period on the disk two voltmeter, two frequency table and the same period and non-synchronous indicator to monitor, Proceed as follows:

The load switch of one of the generator sets is closed, the voltage is sent to the bus, and the other unit is in the state to be. Close the beginning of the same period, adjust the speed of the generator to be connected and make it equal to or close to the synchronous speed (less than half the frequency of the other unit), adjust the voltage of the generator to be connected with another The generator voltage is close, when the frequency and voltage are similar, the same period of the table rotation speed is getting slower and slower, the same time the indicator light is dark when dark; when the unit and the other unit phase is the same, the same table pointer Indicating the top of the middle position, the same time the light the darkest, when the unit and the other unit phase difference is the largest, the same table pointed to the bottom of the middle position, then the same period the most bright lights, when the same period when the clockwise rotation , It is stated that the frequency of the generator to be concurrent is higher than the frequency of the other unit, and the speed of the generator set should be reduced. If the pointer is rotated counterclockwise, the speed of the generator to be increased should be increased. When the same table pointer clockwise rotation slowly, the pointer close to the same point, the unit will immediately and then the circuit breaker closing, so that two generating units tied. And then cut off the same period switch and related synchronous switch.

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