Diesel Generators Still Occupy A Huge Share Of Generator Market

- May 17, 2017 -

In recent years, the diesel generator set in all walks of life widely used, not only in heavy industry is widely used, some special industries are also equipped with diesel generators, diesel generator set demand growth trend is really overwhelming. Why is the development of diesel generator set so far? Today, we will analyse the reasons for the rapid growth of diesel generators.
First, many diesel generators used in emergency power generation, as hospitals, banks, airports, guesthouses, communications and other industries standby power supply, belonging to intermittent oil equipment, the oil price increase response is not very sensitive, cross demand is less elastic. This part of the market demand is generally not affected by the price hike.
Second, in many areas of application, diesel generators lack alternative products. Diesel generators can be used as mobile power, so that they are in many areas requiring mobile jobs — ships electricity, oil mining, engineering rush-repair, military, etc. are difficult to replace.
In addition, according to foreign media reports, owing to the severe shortage of power supply in African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the phenomenon of power outages is widespread, and the average weekly load of 5 hours is needed to reduce loads, which causes enterprises to re-enable diesel generators. To maintain uninterrupted production, the enterprise relies on diesel generators, which also promotes sustained growth in market demand.
In short, the diesel generator set is still in a good direction, even if the emergence of gas generators, in the short term will not be replaced, the rapid growth of diesel generators demand is inevitable.

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