Generator Protection Parameters

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Generator Protection parameters

With the quality of speaking, sincere cooperation is my company uphold the concept. With excellent product quality and service quality to occupy a broad market. There is a lot of knowledge of generating units, in this small series with you to understand the use of small generating units under the knowledge.

1, the generator set protection parameter settings

The generator unit after a long period of operation and the operation will produce mechanical energy and electrical energy, so the installation of protective equipment is necessary, the protection device also contains the alarm to remind the function, when some parts of the engine failure will be issued an alarm, Of the generator will have a Chinese fault record to remind the machine to check the cause of the malfunction, troubleshooting, to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

2, the engine "speed" the formation and response measures

Perhaps many users do not know the word "speed", in fact, it refers to the generator in the engine of a unique phenomenon. (In order to prevent this situation, the measures are: slow down (quickly accelerate the accelerator pedal to the parking position); decompression (with a slowdown device, the pressure relief lever to the oil release position or decompression position) (With the clothes or towels completely enclose the air filter, the engine off the gas off); off the oil (cut off the tubing, stop the supply of the brake, stop the tubing, oil)

3, how to extend the life of generating units

Usually frequent "three filters" to extend the life of the generating unit. "Three filters" refers to the fuel filter, air filter and oil filter, if the filter does not replace the long time will cause nozzle clogging. The clogged turbidity can cause the petrol to become dirty and shorten the service life.

4, the reasons for detecting the fuel consumption of the generator too fast

First to detect whether there is oil spill in the unit. And then check the screws, gaskets and other components complete. Finally, the piston in the assembly when the direction of the inversion of the combustion chamber to form an inverted state, although it will not affect the start of the generator, but the oil loss will be very serious, the daily fuel consumption of about 0.5 kg.

There are two common causes of overheating of the generator: one is cooling, cooling, lubrication system blockage, leading to overheating; Second, the cooling system, lubricating oil system leaks, resulting in overheating.

1, heat, cooling, lubrication system blockage, resulting in machine overheating

1) The radiator or tubing is blocked

Once the radiator and tubing are blocked, the cooling water can not circulate and the generator will overheat.

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