Generator Rated Speed

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Generator Rated speed

Diesel generator sets must be familiar with the unit structure, master the safe operation of the staff induction operation. New or just overhaul of the diesel unit according to the provisions of the 60 hours after the run-in operation, and do the necessary maintenance.

For new or long-term generators do not have to be put into normal operation, must undergo a rigorous inspection, the main inspection winding insulation, wiring, etc., if not, the necessary treatment.

Diesel engine should be slowly increased after the start of the speed, the inspection confirmed all the premise of the premise, can be low to the rated speed of no-load operation. When running without load, pay attention to check the oil pressure, with or without abnormal sound, excitation current, three-phase voltage changes, if any - should immediately stop inspection. Check the situation, then start again. If everything is normal, you can put it into normal operation. Operators should closely monitor the changes in the instrument on the control panel, whether the scope of the license, and make the appropriate adjustments.

During operation, the operator should maintain a safe distance from the live equipment and wear protective equipment. Switching operation should pay attention to the order, such as power failure should first disconnect the branch switch, and then disconnect the main switch, and then quadruple double throw switch switch position. When transmitting, the order is reversed. Normal shutdown should first remove the part of the load, and then off the total switch, and finally off the diesel engine, do not allow not to pull off the main switch, with the diesel engine flame and self-power failure. After the shutdown of the crew for routine inspection, and record the operation (work diary).

In the event of an electric shock, the power switch should be switched off quickly or the power supply can be quickly disconnected or disconnected from the power supply. And then rescue, and asked the doctor to the scene to rescue. In case of electrical equipment floods, the power supply should be immediately cut off and reported to the local power supply, and then fire. Fire fighting equipment should use dry fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, etc., are not allowed to use water. (Also known as ATS cabinet, dual power automatic switch cabinet, dual power automatic conversion cabinet) is mainly used for automatic switching between the main power supply and emergency power supply, it is with the self-starting diesel generator sets together. The emergency power supply system is composed of automatic emergency power supply system. It can automatically switch the emergency lighting, security power supply and fire protection equipment to the generator set after the power failure of the main power supply. It is the emergency power supply for hospitals, banks, telecommunications, airports, radio stations, hotels and factories And fire power and other indispensable power facilities. There are two kinds of ATS automatic electric cabinet operation methods

1, the module manual mode of operation:

Open the power key, press the module "manual" button to start directly, when the unit starts successfully after the normal operation, at the same time the automation module also entered the self-test state, it will automatically enter the speed state, the success rate after the unit will be based on the module The display into the automatic closing and network power and network.

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