Generator Use Improper Operation

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Generator Use improper operation

Improper operation of the generator is easy to prevent the cylinder

Winter temperature is low, the use of improper operation of the generator is easy to burst cylinder. Here we come to inventory which the following improper operation will cause the generator burst cylinder, how can we avoid the burst cylinder problem?

These operations are likely to cause the generator burst cylinder!

1, after starting to add cooling water. Machine start, the generator temperature immediately increased, if this time to participate in cooling water, cylinder block and cylinder head cooling, it will shrink due to shrinkage.

2, after the shutdown, did not put the cooling water. Machine water frozen into ice, the volume increases, the onset of cylinder block and cylinder head burst.

3, generating units operating, the cooling water or water tank boilers too high temperature, suddenly participate in cooling water. Cylinder and cylinder head overcooling can also lead to cracking.

4, the generator unit long hours of operation, the machine temperature is high, immediately after the release of high temperature water after parking. Will lead to high temperature parts encountered cold air and cracking.

5, the use of decompression machine downtime, so that the high temperature of the cylinder head suddenly encountered cold air and lead to cracking.

To avoid all types of cylinder block and cylinder head cracking the following way:

1, the starter, you should first give the water tank to participate in warm water, hot winter season to perfusion hot water 2 to 3 times, to be discharged from the water out of the water about 30 ~ 50 ℃ start better.

2, machine work hours longer, after stopping should wait for half an hour or so, the temperature dropped to 40 ~ 50 ℃ when the cooling water. Put the best after the water with a fine iron wire poke through the water valve switch, to avoid sediment blocking the valve.

3, the generator overheating severe water shortage, the machine should let the low speed idling 10 to 15 minutes, and then gradually participate in the cooling water.

Generator leakage, leak how to do?

When the generator sets of oil spills, leaking, leakage phenomenon, will lead to increased fuel consumption of the generator, to speed up parts wear, power down and so on. So be sure to repair in time. The following is the generator unit leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon when the treatment method:

1, plus pad governance leakage method

Oil pipe joints leak-proof gasket at the oil spill, can be on both sides of the leak-proof gasket plus a layer of double-sided smooth plastic pad, tighten to tighten leak.

2, paint liquid liquid leakage method

Oil tank, water tank, crankcase and other seams leakage, the paint can be placed in alcohol after soaking, the paint liquid applied to the clean seams can be leaked. But the high cost of paint, generally in case of emergency use.

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