How To Choose Oil Under Different Temperature Conditions In Different Engines

- May 17, 2017 -

Diesel Generator Set price inquiry, different engines in different temperature conditions how to choose oil. Different engines work under different temperatures. The selected oil viscosity level state adopts the international General American Automobile Engineering Association (SAE) viscosity classification, namely SAEI oil viscosity classification, see table 3-2: Correspondingly, the engine energy consumption (fuel quantity) increases, each decrease of a viscosity level can save about 0.5%% energy consumption. The oil viscosity level and the oil viscosity level in summer are combined in winter, such as 5w/30, 15W/40, 20W/50. The diesel engine oil generating set with two viscosity levels is called multistage oil, such as 15W/40 oil, which is the viscosity requirement of SAE15W single-grade oil in winter, whereas in summer it is equivalent to SAE40 viscosity. This multistage oil can be used in winter, and can be used in summer, with a wide range of features, and energy-saving characteristics. 100 ℃ sports viscosity of multi-level oil and single-stage oil (summer oil) compared to the latter, the former can save fuel 2, recommended that users use multi-level oil. Volvo generators, recommended in most parts of our country use 15W/40 oil, while in the North cold area with SW/30 or 5W/40 oil.

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