How To Judge The Performance Of Diesel Engine

- May 17, 2017 -

As the saying goes well, good horses saddle, diesel engine performance of how to judge, diesel engine sub-domestic and imports, the general import quality slightly higher.
1, the durability index refers to the main parts of diesel engine during the working process wear to the limit of the normal work. The diesel engine is usually measured by the length of life. The service life of diesel engine is the overhaul period of diesel engine, which refers to the time that the diesel engine accumulated before the first overhaul was used. The service life of diesel engine for generator set is generally 6000-8000h.
2, the reliability Index refers to the diesel engine under the prescribed use condition, the normal continuous working ability index. Generally to ensure that the period of failure to stop the number of downtime, the number of failures and the replacement of major parts and non-major parts to express. Generator set, diesel engine fault-free guarantee period is generally 50.012 million H.

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