How To Work Together Diesel Fuel Injection Pump And Governor

- May 17, 2017 -

Diesel fuel injection pump and governor are installed together, the common fuel injection pump is used to increase the pressure of diesel fuel, and according to different loads of diesel engines, timing, quantitative, agile to the fuel injector to the diesel fuel, so that the quality of good atomization of diesel fuel injection into a certain fuel injection cylinder. Diesel generator set to power supply equipment, the load is often changed, when the load suddenly decreased, the diesel engine speed will increase sharply, so that beyond the allowable limit, can cause the serious consequences of speed, when the load suddenly increase, the diesel engine speed will rapidly reduce, so that forced down. When the generator sets power to the electric equipment, the diesel engine is required to be changed in time when the load is changed to ensure that the diesel engine operates at a certain rotational speed, so that the generator's frequency and voltage remain stable. To this end, to be fitted with a governor, according to the diesel engine load change, rapid and accurate automatic regulation of fuel injection pump supply, so that the diesel engine speed to maintain stability!

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