Petrol Vs Diesel Gasoline Engine Working Principle

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Petrol vs diesel Gasoline engine working principle petrol Engine working generally inject gasoline into the air pipe with air mixed into a  combustible mixture and then into the cylinder, the spark plug ignition combustion  expansion work. People usually call it a lighter type of engine. The diesel engine is  generally through the fuel injection pump and fuel injection nozzle will be directly  injected into the engine cylinder, and in the cylinder after the compressed air evenly  mixed in the high temperature, high pressure spontaneous combustion, to promote the piston  work. People use this engine as a compression ignition engine.

Petrol engine with high speed (car gasoline engine speed can be as high as 5000-6000 r /  min, truck gasoline engine up to 4000 r / min) light weight, low noise, easy start, low  manufacturing and maintenance costs, so in Cars and medium and small trucks and military  off-road vehicles are widely used. Diesel cars because of high compression ratio, fuel  consumption on average less than gasoline engine 30% lower, so the fuel economy is better.  Diesel engine working is faster than the gasoline engine (generally the maximum speed of  2500-3000 r / min or so), high quality, high cost of manufacturing and maintenance  (because the fuel pump and injector processing accuracy requirements).

Car under certain conditions of use, with the smallest fuel consumption to complete the  capacity of the unit transport work called the car's fuel economy. Automotive fuel economy  is one of the main performance of the car. Often, fuel consumption costs about 37% of the  cost of running a car. The main factors that affect the fuel economy of the car are: from  the car itself, first of all to improve the engine thermal efficiency, intake efficiency  and reduce friction losses. Second, to reduce body weight, reduce air resistance, reduce  the wheel rolling resistance. Third, improve the transmission efficiency, a reasonable  match speed ratio. From the use of speaking, different levels of road running up different  fuel consumption. Traffic congestion, clogging serious situation and smooth driving fuel  consumption is completely different. Wind, rain, climate change on the car's fuel  consumption have an impact. The driver's technology also plays a very important role in fuel consumption. There are many factors that affect the fuel economy of the car, the most  important of which is the car engine itself.

The company's products have the following advantages:

1. Based on advanced software analysis, with optimization design, GF series diesel engine is more reliability on structure and cooling system.

2. Optimize the fuel system and intake & exhaust system, energy saving and fuel efficient.

3. Petrol engine compact structure, smart size and light weight.

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