Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Basically Divided Into Two Categories

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Basically divided into two categories

Single cylinder diesel engine "speed" reasons

Causing a single cylinder diesel engine speed for many reasons, but basically divided into two categories: First, fuel for the super supply; Second, channeling machine oil. Although the two speed cars are expressed as single-cylinder diesel engine speeding, but the specific performance of the difference. When the diesel fuel is caused by the exhaust gas, the exhaust pipe is black smoke, and the oil can be stopped by the method of cutting off the oil supply. When the oil is caused by the single cylinder diesel engine, the exhaust pipe takes the blue smoke, and only the oil supply can not be effectively stopped. While cutting off the air supply and rapid decompression to stop.

Trouble shooting method of single tank diesel engine "speed"

When the diesel engine appears "speed", should calmly, decisively take effective measures to stop, do not panic.

Quickly remove the air filter, blocking the intake pipe, such as air filter too late to remove the clothes or towels can be used to tightly wrap the air filter air inlet, so that the air can not enter the cylinder and lead to diesel engine flameout, This is the most effective way to stop the "speed".

Heavy truck, diesel engine can increase the load and make the diesel engine parking. Quickly loosen the high-pressure tubing joint nut, cut off the diesel supply. If you can not find a temporary wrench, you can also hit the high-pressure tubing, so that diesel engine parking.

Just "speed" when the decompression handle can be pulled to the decompression position, so that the diesel engine parking. If the speed of the diesel engine is already high, you can not use this method.

In the stop "speed", the first cut off the supply of diesel, quickly loosen the high-pressure tubing joint nut, such as "speed" immediately stop, then the diesel "speed" is due to excessive supply of diesel. At this time, you can check the oil pump plunger fuel adjustment arm from the speed control lever fork slide or pump plunger and speed control lever is stuck in the maximum fuel supply position. If the "speed" occurs just after the replacement of the pump plunger, check the oil pump plunger fuel arm is inserted into the speed control lever of the fork handle, but also should pay attention to the plunger axial return hole whether the processing problem Drill through. For gear rack and pinion type oil pump, in the assembly, should check the oil adjustment gear and the gear assembly mark is accurate.

Such as loose loose high-pressure tubing joints after the diesel engine is still "speed", then belong to excessive oil fleeing into the cylinder caused by burning. At this time, quickly forced to remove the air filter, the intake pipe blocked.

Particular emphasis is placed on the phenomenon of diesel engine, the absolute ban on reducing or removing the load of diesel engines, so as to avoid a sharp increase in speed. Safe parking, the timely analysis of the reasons for the speed, troubleshooting, to prevent the phenomenon of flying again. If the diesel engine running when the phenomenon of flying, but also should be depressing the brake so that the engine hold the fire, but it is strictly prohibited to depress the clutch pedal.

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