Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Diesel Engine Overload

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Diesel engine overload

Diesel Chimney Fire

1, the reasons for chimneys

1) The spark generated by the burning of oil mist

This spark is not easy to find during the day, in the dark days can see small and short light pink spark from the chimney emerge.

Occurs in the diesel engine overload, part of the cylinder fuel atomization or poor cylinder air supply, etc., so that the fuel injected into the cylinder can not be completely burned, the cylinder of excessive oil mist or fine oil is high temperature exhaust directly Out of the chimney when the oxygen and burning.

2) the burning of the residual oil formed by the spark

This spark shape is slightly longer than the above, the color is also deep, by the chimney into the sky and drift away after the wind.

In general, when the diesel engine part of the injector drip or in low load operation in the case of poor combustion, especially when the exhaust system temperature, pressure is low, low oil has not yet burned in the flue, Out of the chimney, it is difficult to be ignited by low temperature gas.

3) the spark formed by the combustion of soot

Sparks from the chimney are mostly plate-like. This spark is bright, dark red, longer duration, with ash and different shapes of particles with the spark at the same time from the chimney out, often falling on the deck also continue to burn, easily lead to fire. This type of chimney is the most common fire, the greatest risk, the reasons are: (1) poor fuel quality.

(2) fuel injection equipment is imperfect or faulty, incomplete combustion to make the oil in the exhaust material increased.

(3) Cylinder lubricating oil is too large.

(4) cylinder intake system is not perfect. Four-stroke diesel engine ventilation conditions better than two-stroke diesel engine, so the occurrence of chimneys fire situation is also less.

(5) exhaust gas boiler dirty block.

2, chimneys fire prevention measures

(1) keep the combustion of the diesel engine in good condition;

(2) to strengthen the cylinder combustion process monitoring, timely detection of abnormal conditions;

(3) to strengthen the management of exhaust gas boiler to maintain a good combustion effect;

(4) the use of appropriate carbon and other chemicals, regularly to the exhaust pipe or exhaust gas boiler to run, in order to prevent fouling and clearing system, so that the wall of the coke and other softening, shedding, or even reduce the ignition combustion;

(5) In order to ensure the safety of oil tankers, chimneys equipped with sprinkler device to prevent chimneys from fire.

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