Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Reversal The Cause

- Sep 20, 2017 -

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Reversal the cause

Reasons for reversal of single - cylinder diesel engine

1 phenomenon Diesel engine reversal when the flywheel steering and normal when the opposite, the diesel engine air filter exhaust, muffler fire extinguisher phenomenon, and diesel engine sound abnormalities.

2 Reason:

a. The fuel supply advance angle is too large. The injector starts fueling before the piston does not reach the injection position. The fuel is deflated in advance and the piston is pushed back to reverse the diesel engine.

b. When starting improperly, when the piston has not reached the top dead center, put the decompression handle back, and no longer forced to shake the engine, so that the fuel mixture to meet the combustion conditions, so that deflagration, the piston back to the engine Reverse.

c. Extinguished improperly small four-wheel tractor no muffler fire extinguisher, the engine is turned off when the hand lift the handle. However, when the time to relax the speed control handle is not properly, it may cause the engine to reverse ...

    The flywheel of the single cylinder diesel engine is larger than the flywheel of the multi-cylinder diesel engine, which is determined by the working characteristics of the single cylinder diesel engine.

      Single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine, each completed a working cycle must go through the intake, compression, work and exhaust four strokes, crankshaft need to turn two laps. Every two laps, only the power stroke (about half a circle) external work, the other three strokes (about 1 and a half) not only can not work outside, but also need some energy to help crankshaft link over the top deadline , Complete the auxiliary stroke to keep the crankshaft running continuously. Therefore, the end of the crankcase of the single-cylinder diesel engine is fitted with a large flywheel to store more energy in the work stroke, to release energy in the intake, compression and exhaust strokes, to maintain the crankshaft operation by means of the moment of inertia, Able to work smoothly. Otherwise, the diesel engine will not work properly, can not overcome the instantaneous overload operation. Multi-cylinder diesel engine is characterized by the work of the cylinder alternately alternately, crankshaft operation of the higher balance, flywheel need to store less energy. Therefore, the multi-cylinder diesel engine flywheel than the single-cylinder diesel engine flywheel to be smaller.

  Single-cylinder diesel engine is a series of agricultural products in the country can not be short of the amount of a wide range of products, is a large number of people inside and outside the number of people, small plots of small irregular areas of the use of small tractors, Operating units, management machines and other mobile machinery and irrigation and drainage, power generation, air pressure and other fixed units supporting, in a very long period of time irreplaceable intermediate products, is the implementation of agricultural mechanization, agronomic modernization of important goods.

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