Single Cylinder Diesel Engine The Amount Of Oil In The Governor

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine The amount of oil in the governor

Single-cylinder diesel engine does not just press the boot button, in order to the unit can be safe and efficient operation, before starting to check whether the unit meets the power requirements, today to tell you about the single-cylinder diesel engine before the start of the preparatory work.

① will attach the unit's water track, oil traces and iron debris and other debris clean.

② Check the units of the unit, check the connection, fastening and control parts are already installed firmly and properly, string-type shock absorbers (that is, fastening bolts through the foot shock pad and chassis) nut Do not twist too tightly (that is, the nut is rotated to the position where it is in contact with the foot, and the two nuts must be locked to each other to prevent loosening).

③ Check whether the fuel storage in the fuel tank meets the needs.

④ check the diesel engine oil pan and fuel pump, governor oil is sufficient.

⑤ fill the tank (ie radiator) filled with coolant.

⑥ check all electrical parts, the contacts should be solid and correct, automatic air switch should be in the "disconnected" position, check the battery can work properly, and pay attention to start the system is generally negative ground. To improve the matching between the standby generator and the UPS equipment, as far as possible the use of high performance single-cylinder diesel engine at the same time, should focus on improving the input characteristics of the UPS and improve the connection between the two. In the case of

According to the UPS capacity, generally a traditional double-conversion on-line UPS matching generator capacity ratio of 2 to 4 times. In fact, the general work in the 50% to 80% rated capacity, and for generating units, the output power may be about 30% of rated capacity. This will not only cause the capacity of generating units can not be fully utilized, an increase of equipment investment, resulting in the "big horse car" phenomenon, and generators are more prone to failure, increased maintenance and reduce the reliability of the generator set. The reason is that, according to the characteristics of diesel generators, if long-term work under a small load, the cylinder temperature is low, the normal oil into the cylinder can not be completely burned, and fuel can not be fully burned, causing the piston ring, Mouth serious carbon deposition, cylinder wear and tear intensified, thus accelerating the above parts of the trouble, Chai diesel generator system performance degradation, exhaust smoke.

The diesel engine is below the 30% rated load and the economy deteriorates. Often, the generator is working on a load of more than 60% of the rated load on the diesel engine is more favorable.

The solution to this problem is to correct the load input characteristics of the generator. Here, the specific introduction to several commonly used methods.

(1) to improve the system power factor

There are many ways to improve the system power factor, mainly to introduce the following.

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