Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Working Pressure

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Working pressure

At present, the world's largest single-cylinder diesel engine thermal efficiency can be 50%. Single cylinder diesel engine is not the greater the higher the thermal efficiency, theoretically the highest to how much?

Low-speed marine single-cylinder diesel engine is characterized by low speed (less than 350 r / min), large bore, long stroke, the output power, and more for more than 10,000 hp diesel engine. Low-speed single-cylinder diesel engine structure generally use inline cylinder, two-stroke, multi-cylinder parallel, crosshead structure, with a large cylinder, long stroke, high compression and so on.

Modern low-speed single-cylinder diesel engines have an average working pressure of 1.90-1.95 MPa, fuel consumption of 170 g / kWh, efficiency up to 55%, compression / bore ratio up to 4.2.

Low-speed machine can generally drive large diameter propeller, can achieve reverse, eliminating the need for gearbox gears and other transmission requirements, reduce costs, coupled with the use of low-quality fuel oil, operating costs much lower than other types of engines.

14RT-flex96C marine single-cylinder diesel engine represents the current low-speed marine single-cylinder diesel engine level The machine continues to output the maximum power of 80080 kilowatts (109000 hp), speed 102 r / min, cylinder volume of 2.5 cubic meters, bore 960 mm, Cylinder speed of 8.5 m / s, fuel consumption of 160 g / kWh. The captain 27.3 meters, 13.5 meters high, weighing 2300 tons, only the crankshaft on the weight of 300 tons. Rely on the powerful power provided by the single-cylinder diesel engine to promote a 9.6-meter diameter 6-leaf propeller, the ship speed up to 25.5.

Single-cylinder diesel engine is one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction. In order to maintain the efficient operation of single-cylinder diesel engine, we need regular maintenance of single-cylinder diesel engine. However, in maintenance, there are some practices not only can not maintain the equipment, but will bring harm to the equipment. Here, we take a look at the single-cylinder diesel engine and engine maintenance errors.

1, oil only add or not change

Oil in the single-cylinder diesel engine mainly from the lubrication, cooling, cleaning and so on. Many drivers will pay attention to check the amount of oil oil, and according to the standard to add, but it ignores the oil quality of the oil and the deterioration of the oil has been replaced, resulting in some parts are always in the poor lubrication environment, Accelerated wear.

2, casually use butter

Some of the repair staff in the installation of cylinder pad will be coated with a layer of butter in the cylinder pad, that this can increase the cylinder pad sealing. It is not known that when the cylinder pad is coated with butter at the time of installation, when the cylinder head bolts are tightened, the part will flow into the cylinder and the other part will remain on the joint surface of the cylinder and the cylinder head due to the high temperature. And the body plane between the gap, high temperature and high pressure gas is easy to impact from the cylinder pad, damage to the cylinder pad, causing leakage.

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