The Production Of Diesel Generators Has Continued To Grow In Recent Years

- May 17, 2017 -

The production of diesel diesel generators has continued to grow in recent years. According to the statistics of the diesel Generators Association, China has become the world's largest consumer of power equipment, to Japan, the United States, Italy, etc. from generators, diesel generators continued to grow in recent years output, high speed generators began to show a downward trend, to exports significantly increased, Asia's main export target, followed by Europe, then in the north and other regions of the United States.

High speed machining is usually considered to increase production, reduce manufacturing costs, processing technology. The concept of drying or micro-lubrication is now the main objective of the processing industry to reduce environmental protection and production costs. The most important of the coatings manufacturers and suppliers for diesel generator sets are productivity. Cutting performance, cutting speed, unit time cutting capacity increased by 20%, production costs will be reduced by 15%. More and more stringent requirements for the processing of further development require the generator's materials and coatings to improve machining conditions, to the resulting improved design group.

The production of diesel-diesel generators has continued to grow in recent years. From the current situation, the import of diesel-generator sets can be transferred to the domestic market share, the reason, mainly including the following aspects: 1. Product quality awareness is not strong, domestic manufacturers of some generators lack of quality awareness. China-made indexable blade material quality is poor, varieties, specifications are incomplete, in order to increase the difficulty of diesel generator set product quality improvement. From the appearance of the product quality, look at the appearance, color and texture of the imported generators are superior to domestic diesel generators. The performance of the products, compared with the domestic diesel generator sets, the imported diesel generator sets of high precision, good stability, high durability, high removal rate and the generators and their fittings have good interchangeability, the assembly can meet the accuracy requirements. 2. Incomplete pre-sales after-sales service, many foreign companies diesel generators including installation and commissioning users, timely maintenance and thoughtful service, with many domestic manufacturers do not have enough in this area of service, is simple and extensive. 3. Small workshops still accounted for a considerable proportion of production, due to economic and other reasons, some domestic power plants still accounted for a large proportion of small workshops production, processing staff of low technology, simple equipment, difficult to ensure the quality of products. Generators produced by some of the quality defects that are machined and assembled in parts of the product are still difficult to eliminate.

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