What Is The Benefit Of Low-noise Generator Sets?

- May 17, 2017 -

What is the benefit of low-noise generator sets? Small series to help you to answer, low-noise generators, commonly known as mute generator sets, is the General diesel generator set on the basis of transformation.

Low noise generator set from 10kw-1200kw, the size of the unit according to the actual size of custom-made, there are ready-made units. The internal structure of science and the use of special noise reduction materials and to a large extent to suppress mechanical noise, noise reduction to 68db (a) -75db (a) between (from the source of 7m measurement). A large capacity base tank for 8 consecutive hours. Efficient damping measures to ensure the smooth operation of the unit, while the Cabinet has no observation window and emergency shutdown button, easy to observe the operation of the Unit and the unit found in emergency situations quickly shut down.

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