Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Diesel engine cooling methods are divided into two categories: water cooling and air cooling. The water cooling method uses water as a medium to transfer the heat generated by the diesel engine. This type of cooling diesel engine usually consists of a water pump, a radiator tank, a fan, a thermostat, and the like.
Under the action of the water pump, the cooling water is sucked into the diesel engine to flow in a certain route, absorbing the heat generated by the moving parts, and dissipating the heat into the air through the action of the fan and the water tank. Keep the operating temperature of the diesel engine within a certain range.
The Water Cooled Diesel Engine is a diesel-fueled internal combustion engine that converts the heat energy released by combustion of fuel into electrical or mechanical energy. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production.
Water-cooled diesel engines mainly include two types: circulating water-cooled diesel engines and evaporative water-cooled diesel engines. The main difference is the difference in cooling methods:
The circulating water-cooled diesel engine mainly relies on the forced cooling system cooling water in the water tank. When working, the hot water goes up into the water tank, is forced to cool into cold water by the fan, and is pumped back to the diesel engine for reuse.
The evaporative water-cooled diesel engine relies on the natural evaporation of water, and the heat of the diesel engine is taken away during the evaporation process, achieving the purpose of cooling. However, this type of cooling requires frequent water addition and relatively high fuel consumption. It is inexpensive and suitable for use in the Central Plains.
Application areas:
Water-cooled diesel engines are mainly used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry, ship machinery, power industry and other fields.
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