Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine

The Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine cylinder is equipped with a piston that is connected to the crankshaft via a piston pin and connecting rod. The piston reciprocates in the cylinder and pushes the crankshaft to rotate through the connecting rod. In order to inhale fresh gas and exhaust gas, an intake valve and an exhaust valve are provided.
 The piston is at the farthest from the center of the crankshaft, the highest position of the piston, called the top dead center. The top of the piston is closest to the center of the crankshaft, the lowest position of the piston, called the bottom dead center. The distance between the upper and lower dead points is called the piston stroke, and the distance between the connection center of the crankshaft and the lower end of the connecting rod to the center of the crankshaft is called the crankshaft radius. Each stroke of the piston corresponds to a crank angle 180. For an engine with a cylinder centerline passing through the crankshaft centerline, the piston stroke is equal to twice the crank radius.
 The volume swept by the piston from top dead center to bottom dead center is referred to as the working volume of the engine or the engine displacement, indicated by the symbol VL.
Intake stroke: The intake valve opens to draw in a mixture of gasoline and air.
Compression stroke: The intake valve closes the piston forward to compress the air.
Power stroke: In a very small space, the spark plug clicks on the mixer to work.
Exhaust stroke: The exhaust valve opens the exhaust gas to prepare for the intake stroke.
● Check the oil first before each start to check whether the oil is depleted or dirty. If the loss is to be replenished, it must be replaced when it is dirty;
● Check that the air filter is kept clean, if the air filter is cleaned every day in a dirty working environment;
● After starting, the engine should be preheated for 3-5 minutes, and then run at high speed after stable operation.
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