Welding Generator

The Welding Generator, also known as the engine welder, is a machine that combines an engine with a welder. The generator directly drives the welder to work by rotating the current. Generally, there are two kinds of gasoline-powered diesel-diesel power, which are most commonly used, with a small power auxiliary power supply, which can drive low-power equipment such as lighting.
The power generation welding machine is a mechanical product that combines a diesel/gasoline generator and an electric welder organically. Its main features are: compact structure, light weight, easy to carry, simple start and so on. The diesel power welding machine is also equipped with an AC output, which can be used as an ordinary power source.
Advantages of gasoline power electric welding machine: light weight, small size, easy to move, can produce relatively large power and small volume, the welding rod has less volume and weight within normal welding 5.0; suitable for use in areas with inconvenient equipment; good welding quality.
Diesel power welding machine advantages: fuel-saving aspects are considerable, power horsepower is large, can work continuously for a long time. It is generally suitable for users who are mobile and need to use the power welding machine for a long time.
The power generation welder uses a power generation winding for power generation and welding. The high-frequency inverter technology converts the power generation output into the voltage and current required for welding, which significantly reduces the volume, weight and loss of the welder, and improves the overall welder. Machine efficiency, at the same time, due to the high frequency state of the work, the welding penetration is strong, the molten pool is deep, the arc ignition is easy, the splash is small, the current is stable, and the molding is good, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the welding product.
It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, shopping malls, buildings, communications, minerals, oil fields, railways, construction, construction sites, ships, field construction and industry.
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